Financial Coach

Financial Coach

Keeping up budget, investment and savings can get tricky and frustrating.
Do you want to manage your finances better? Want to feel financially secure? Reduce money-related stress?

Building a financial plan is not a quick task. Throughout our lives, we struggle to learn about money. For most, learning the right from the wrong is only through making mistakes. But what if I told you that you could skip that?

Our mentor, Shirley Andrew, is a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Coach and a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. She has experience of over 35 years in the business industry helping small and giant business enterprises keep running their operations swiftly. As your financial coach, I dedicate myself to helping you develop real-time financial plans focusing on your financial situation. Financial planning is a two-way street where I work closely with you. Unlike financial advisors or planners, I am not selling you anything like an insurance plan or policy. We will be working altogether on one goal, managing healthy finance as per your needs.


Benefits of being certified

I have never spoken about the benefits of a certified Dave Ramsey financial coach. The answer is as simple as a question. It helps to manage the finances while working on the success and growth of your business. It is worth time and money. Moreover, with financial coaching, you get plenty of time to execute your action plan in a self-organized manner.
I understand how demotivating it gets when you work tirelessly throughout the month earning and realize there is no money left to spend further.
I make things simpler for my clients who face issues with managing finance. Also, ensure that they have an action plan to act accordingly to troubles arising in real-time.

Benefits of Getting Consultation

Saving, budgeting, giving, lending, and much more are simple concepts of managing funds from time to time but are hard to implement. As your certified financial coach, I will break this task into baby steps for you.
In my consultation, I divide the process into the Seven Baby steps intending to manage and track your financial report card. These baby steps will help you understand the necessary expenses with more investment options.
At the beginning of the process, we will collectively make an action plan consisting of an emergency fund. Our motive behind this is to put money from unnecessary expenses into savings. Moreover, in our other baby steps, we will be managing the debt payment from our daily running expenses. Once we are all set with these steps, we will be observing them as a third baby step, and in the fourth step, we will start investing 15 percent of the funds.

Once you complete all the seven baby steps of the coaching, you will notice the improvement in your finances. We will be building wealth and distributing it amongst other business enterprises. The motive of building and giving is to grow wealth with time.

What are you waiting for now? Still thinking, will it work out? Schedule a coaching consultation today! I will take a general look at your finances and offer coaching as per your needs.